About Us

We're on a mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that changes the world.

Who We Are ?

We are a Latvia based internet company, specializing in the Internet Of Things (IOT), as well as Cloud servers, which will allow you to get on the web as fast as possible, with 99% up time throughout the year. As a team we have over 10+ years of IT and server experience. You are in good hands, trust us. We know what we are doing. Our company started from humble beginnings, whereby we didn’t even have a website, we would sell our services through another IT Service provider. After a while we decided that we could offer our services direct to the public, and that's when we created our website, which is fully automated to help you get started, Cutting out that middle man completely.


Our service is fast

Website speed is taken into account by search engines, it factors heavily into conversions.


We're dependable

It is the core of our business. One of the biggest issues in hosting today is “the unknown”.


We're cutting edge

Hosting technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace. We stay at the forefront of these changes


Real WordPress pros

Our team has worked with WordPress for over a decade. We’ve contributed to core.

Our Vision

Making sure we are paying it forward in every way possible through our IT services to the small to medium businesses that order our products.

Our Mission

Virtual Virtual Servers was created to allow you to eventually go to one website to get everything you need to get (IT Wise) to get your business up and running as fast as possible. Our mission is your happiness.